YEAR 2015-2016

President Jessica Hanney
Jessica Hanney   President 2015-2016

A Day out in St Enda’s on 7 th July – some pictures below

Old friends greet each other.
Old friends greet each other.
Some Marlay Ladies at St Enda's - Rachel, Sr. Margaret, Mrs Higgins and Jessica
Some Marlay Ladies at St Enda’s –
Rachel Gillan, Sr. Margaret, Mrs Higgins and Jessica Hanney
This is my last post as your President and I would like to say thank-you for your support during the last two years.  I enjoyed myself immensely and met many interesting people with you at the Meetings.   All this would not have been possible without my exceptional Committee (link) and members who run the Book Club, Irish Classes, Yoga, Craft Mornings and the backbone of all Meetings the Tea Hostesses.    On 25th May I received, as your President, a Certificate in recognition of local volunteers in DLRCoCo.         Enjoy your summer break and prepare to return to the Meetings and other activities on Thursday, September 8, 2016.  
We are exceptionally lucky to have Sheila Hurley as our new President for the coming year.




Bags for Charity 2016 - some of the ladies who made tote bags to raise funds for The Hospice in Blackrock, Co. Dublin and Down Syndrome, Galway
Bags for Charity 2016 – some of the ladies who made tote bags to raise funds for The Hospice in Blackrock, Co. Dublin and Down Syndrome, Galway with Ann O’Dea Crafts Promoter
Sheila Hurley President 2016-2017 with Jessica Hanney out-going President
Sheila Hurley President 2016-2017                       with Jessica Hanney



 She, like all Guild Presidents, needs your full support.   Do this by attendance at Meetings, extra activities and helping on sub-committees.  If you think you know someone who could give a Talk to our Guild, please tell Sheila.


Seamus CannonAT OUR LAST MEETING OF THIS YEAR HELD held on Thursday 26 May our guest was Dr. Séamus Cannon, a Ulysses hobbyist and vice chairperson of the Society of Friends of Joyce Tower.    Firmly convinced that Ulysses is Ireland’s most popular unread book he delivers courses on Reading Ulysses.                                                                                      
Feedback from the ladies was very complimentary and everyone enjoyed an amusing evening all due to Séamus’ passionate delivery of demystifying Ulysses.
Séamus recommends the following event for your delectation (follow link below)

Poetry and Song in Joyce Tower

In the week before Bloomsday the UCD James Joyce Research Centre, in association with the British Embassy, will host evenings of poetry and song in the James Joyce Tower, Sandycove, Tuesday 7 – Thursday 9 June, 7pm.
The Mill Theatre in Dundrum will celebrate Bloomsday morning on 16th June.

On  May 14, 2016 we held our AGM.    The members elected Sheila Hurley as the President for year 2016-2017 (full Committee listed below).    At the Meeting Jessica Hanney, outgoing President, invited the Clarke family to present their cup to the winner of the Mary Clarke Cup, Pauline Black.   The cup was presented to the Guild Member who had done her utmost for the Guild during the past year.   The winner was chosen by the attendees at the Meeting.    Congratulations Pauline.


At the AGM on 14th May the following were elected to Committee for year 2016-2017.

Election of the following guild members to Committee as follows:

President: Sheila Hurley,

Vice President: Fidelma Fagan,

Treasurer: Olive Worrall,

Secretary: Nina Sheridan,

Kay Beare

Nan Collins

Teresa O’Neill

Mary White

Mary McSweeney

Rosemary Lawlor,                                                                                                                       Annette Hanney                                                                                                                                       and Anne O’Dea.



What the Craft Ladies are making at present on Monday mornings (10.30-12.00)IMG_1064

A group of Guild Members recently visited Dublin’s Mansion House as guests of the Lord Mayor Críona Ní Dhálaigh.   A charming lady who made us feel very welcome.   Our thanks also to the former Lady Mayoress, Patsy Mitchell (Guild Member) for arranging the visit .    Having Patsy with us added very much to the evening.    She remembered her time there.    Her daughter was born there.    During the Mitchell’s time in residence Patsy helped  open up the house and purchase items (chandeliers in the Oak Room) to help start it’s restoration to the lovely House it is today.  It  had not been lived in for the previous 35 years.

The Mansion House is unique, however, in that since 1970’s, following restoration it retains its residential function in addition to its public function.

There were memories also that night for Sheila Hurley, our Art’s Promoter.   She is a member of the Hicks family.    Her father and uncle made many pieces of furniture for the Mansion House.  There are still to be seen today.

Here are photos –


Patsy and Rita O'Regan who made the bag that was gifted to Patsy
Patsy and Rita O’Regan who made the bag that was presented to Patsy.
Arts Rep Sheila Hurley and Patsy Mitchell
Arts Rep Sheila Hurley and Patsy Mitchell
Jessica (Marlay Guild President) presents a gift of ICA books and bag made , by Craft Group to Lord Mayor Críona Ní Dhálaigh.
Jessica (Marlay Guild President) presents a gift of ICA books and bag made by Dora Hennessy of our Craft Group to Lord Mayor Críona Ní Dhálaigh.


On Saturday March 12, forty  of our members
went to  An Grianán to the Official Commemoration by ICA of 1916 –  it was a great dayIMG_2649 IMG_2647 IMG_2646 and I hope that Merrion Road put up the talks on their website.   If not, can a special edition of Findings be devoted to them – thank you,  Madame President, Marie O’Toole, for an inspiring day.    IMG_2645 IMG_2643 IMG_2644 IMG_2642 IMG_2641 IMG_2640 IMG_2639 IMG_2637 IMG_2638 IMG_2636 IMG_2635 IMG_2634 IMG_2633 IMG_2630 IMG_2652


Image result for free clipartAt our Guild Meeting to commemorate 1916  Anniversary  on March 10 we were very fortunate to have at the Guild author Liz Gillis talking about her publication

Discussing the book are Liz Gillis and Guild member Kate Hayes and niece of Sheila(Mrs Lynch) and Mollie (Con Colbert's courier) O'Hanlon . 2 of 25 women in Marlborough Lane in 1916 Revolution. They were among the last prisoners released after 1916 Executions in Kilmainham Jail. Kate says their uncle, Gilbert Lynch was the first Labour TD West of the Shannon
Discussing the book are Liz Gillis and Guild member Kate Hayes . Kate is a niece of Sheila(Mrs Lynch) and Mollie (Con Colbert’s courier) O’Hanlon . They were 2 of 25 women in Marlborough Lane in 1916 Revolution and were among the last prisoners released following the 1916 Executions in Kilmainham Jail. Kate says   Gilbert Lynch was the first Labour TD West of the Shannon

“Women of the Irish Revolution“.  The book tells the story of the role that women played both directly and indirectly in the Irish revolution. They were part of a generation who made a conscious decision to stand up for not only their rights, but also the rights of future generations. The story is also told of those who, though not directly involved, lost so much as a result of that conflict.

65 members of our Guild attended.  All were in awe of Liz’s knowledge, enthusiasm for her subject, engagement and personality. She certainly does true justice  to our ancestors.
 IMG_1069 Easter Preparations
Winning entry baked by Patsy Mitchell with judge Mairead McEntee and Sheila Hurley Arts Promoter
Winning entry baked by Patsy Mitchell with judge Mairead McEntee and Sheila Hurley Arts Promoter

Also at that Meeting  we held our Easter Competition.   This year it was “A cake for Easter” and the winning entry is pictured here.   It was baked by Patsy Mitchell. Our judge for the evening was the talented Mairead McEntee.     Though the number of entries in the competition was low the standard was amazing and made Mairead’s decision a difficult one.

 ann's cake
image (16)Entries in winner of cake competion March 2016Easter Competition


We had our Irish Night with music and typical Irish food.    Lily and Eithne our Irish Promoters worked so hard to make a success of the evening (photos later)


The Next Guild Meeting, on Thurs. January 28, is a very special.  Our International Officer, Kay Beare is hosting and evening about Russia.   Our guest speaker on the evening is Diarmuid Fleming RTE reporter – the title of his talk is “Russia – a fascinating place and people”.   Diarmuid was BBC’s man in Moscow for some years.

January has got off to a terrific start with a very informative evening from Bernadette Parte, Solicitor, about the necessity to make a Will and the advantages of making plans for when we are older.  It was one of the most successful evenings we had had this year – these are subjects we all need to think about –

image (12)
Bernadette Parte with some of the Committee. Sheila Hurley (on right) our Arts Promoter made the beautiful basket of flowers presented to Bernadette


Tgroup of xmasxmas 6Sheila and Jessica IMG_2534

Jessica, Sheila and Anne
Jessica, Sheila and Anne

To finish the calendar year 2015,  the Guild, on December 10, held a wonderful evening of Christmas Flowers with Anne O’Dea  and Sheila Hurley.   The arrangements were raffled and proceeds went to the VdeP charity.  Also in the raffle were very generous gift tokens from  two local shops – George King Victualler and Fergal Freeney Fishmonger.    (photos from our Christmas Flower evening are above)


Here are some photos from the Christmas Party.          A very popular event each year.

Christmas Belles - Colette, Laura and Patricia
Christmas Belles – Colette, Laura and Patricia




On November 26 we had our Christmas Party.  at Marley Parish Centre.

The evening’s music was arranged by Frank Hurley and band  “UPFRONT” with carols sung by yourselves and Suzanne Mc Kenzie.  Food was  by Glencullen Catering.  Guild member, Mary White gave us Lir chocolates for each guest to enjoy after dinner

Pamela and me 1At our first meeting in November we met Pamela O’Connor, Architect with DLRCoCo.  Pamela told us about Marlay House’s and Laurelmere’s (now home to RHSI) restoration.  Also, the plans for future works on the buildings in Marlay Park.    The beautiful flower arrangement presented to Pamela was the work of our Crafts’ Promoter,  Anne O’Dea.

DLRCoCo has been a great sponsor of our Guild during recent year.  We have benefited greatly from Community Grants available from them.


Finishing off October

Our Members enjoyed  their autumn trip this year to the
Wexford Opera Festival on Sat 31 October.  We arrived early to enjoy sightseeing and shopping in Wexford, followed by a visit and lunch in Wexford Opera House.    Then, it was off to Whites Hotel to enjoy an afternoon with Hansel & Gretel – beautiful music.   Home later with a welcome break in the Glenview Hotel for refreshments.


theatre royalOur most recent Meeting introduced our Guild Members to Dublin’s Theatre Royal, which closed in the sixties and spanned over 30 years.   The talk was given to us by Conor Doyle.

Conor having inherited what is believed to be one of the largest Irish theatre, film, TV and radio memorabilia collections from his godparents Jimmy 013d34b9d6ac0a8d6d4af3e4c204f37f17820f3ce2O’Dea and Ursula Doyle. The Collection has been donated to the Irish Theatre Archive and parts to the National Museum of Ireland.

Conor has now given over sixty Talks about Dublin’s long lost and much loved “Royal” to different Historical Society’s and Groups around the city..

image (9)At our first Meeting earlier in October, we had Joe Duignan , co-author accompanied by another of the co-authors,  Kevin Cullen visit the Guild.  They with another, Pat Casey, wrote a book dedicated to the Irish Doctors who served in the WWI .    It was surprising how many Guild members have connections with  these men.     We have been given a copy of the work to raffle among our members. The winner is Mary Curren.   There is a link below to the official web page for the book.                                                                         Irish Doctors in the First World War                              Their honorarium was given to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)image (10)


IMG_2488In September we had the pleasure of Meeting Kari Rosvall.   Kari has come to live in Dublin.   May we say found peace there and decided to write the story of her life so far.   Everyone should read her biography “Nowhere’s Child” about her childhood and young life.

Later in September we met Lorna Siggins IMG_2490who is Western and Marine correspondent for The Irish Times, based in Galway. She has worked in journalism for the last 30 years, starting as a freelance with The Irish Skipper, and has reported on news events ranging from the Piper Alpha explosion off Scotland in 1988 to Irish aid programmes in Somalia and El Salvador to the first Irish expedition to Everest in 1993. She has been based on the west coast for the past 15 years, and is author of several books, including Everest Calling and Once Upon a Time in the West: the Corrib gas project.

But this lady is not tied to the past she spoke about her recent visit to Calais (see her note below).

The evening went really well  for all of us and Lorna sent us the following thank-you note:

“Thank you so much for having me, and you have a lovely guild ! It was such a pleasure to speak to a really interested and committed audience.

And thank you so much for the cheque, which I am donating to Auberge des Migrants, a French NGO working with migrants/refugees in the Calais “Jungle” on your behalf.  Here’s a link to some of its work..

all the very best! Lorna

SEPTEMBER Thursday 10th
Kari Rosvall, local author ‘ “How to live as nowhere’s child” was our first speaker of the year.   An extraordinary lady who has led an extraordinary life.



Typing errors in printed Programme 2015-16

I wish to extend deepest apologies to:

Liz Gillis, who I Liz Gillisincorrectly named on the Programme as Ruth Gillis.

and  to Kevin Honan : Book of Kells should have read Book of Pilgrims 

These are unforgivable errors on my part and should not have happened.    Jessica Hanney








Guild Meetings are held on second and fourth Thursday each month at 7:30 p.m (September – June). New members are always welcome to join us. Our email is: and our phone number is 086 0510832.